JONATHAN LICHTENWALTER has written and edited for the website and is currently writing articles for He has studied under John Oakes, Ph.D. (creator of the website, and is currently getting a Master's in Missional leadership from Rochester University. Most importantly, he has a love for God and a passion for spreading the gospel. He lives in Dallas, Texas where he currently leads a Bible discussion.

Since he was a teenager, he started to question his Christian beliefs to see how they held up to reason and other belief systems. He is now passionate about teaching apologetics, biblical studies, and theology to build up the faith of Christians and for evangelism. He loves to use his writing and studies to build up the faith of others, to help disciples grow deeper in their understanding of scripture, and to share the truth of the gospel with others.


His hobbies include, but are not limited to, playing the piano, classical and jazz music, creative writing, and listening to great podcasts.  He is recently married to his best friend and beautiful wife Nicole and enjoying life with her and his dog Lucy.